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Council Resolutions
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                                        COUNCIL RESOLUTIONS 2009 - 2014









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20 June 2009
Reduction in Annual Registration Fee for Retired Persons

That a person 65 years of age and older, may apply for a 30% reduction of annual fees provided he does not earn Professional fees, salary or other payment from performing Construction Project Management and/or Construction Management duties on an ongoing basis amounting to more than 30 hours in total per month, or 300 hours per year, or twelve consecutive months.

Amended to No. 9
20 June 2009
Reduction In Annual Fees for Persons Practicing Overseas

That persons residing outside RSA may be considered and granted a 20% reduced fee on condition that the registered person is registered with a similar statutory body that regulates Construction Management and Construction Project Management in the respective country.

29 August 2009
                                    RPL Route

That applicants who wish to register with the Council through the Recognition of Prior Learning Route (RPL), must have a minimum of ten (10) years’ experience in the field applied for.

29 July 2011
            Registration Through The Academic Route

Applicants in the academic environment involved in teaching accredited courses over a four year period and carrying out research activities that are relevant to the construction environment may be considered for registration.  

These applicants are required to provide a 3 000 word report that documents the relevance of their research in the project and construction management professional field and how this has been applied. Applicants will attend a professional interview based on the submission and research output, and their knowledge and understanding of the mandatory requirements of the area of specialization in professional practice. That the assessments for academic route will be based on four peer reviewed papers only.

                   Amendment to the Registration Policy

That the assessments for registration via the academic route will be based on four peer reviewed papers of which at least one paper must be published in a journal.  This was ratified by Council.
Amendment to the Registration Policy
16 March 2012
Candidate Letter to Replace Registration Certificate

Council approved to issue a letter to registered candidates and to discontinue issuing them with certificates as it was done previously.  

The amendment is to put the date of expiry for registration and also the date the logbook needs to be submitted which will be one (1) year from the date of registration.  

The word ‘Candidate’ will be at the top of the page, bolded and enlarged and there will be a water mark stating ‘Office Stamp’ where the stamp is required. This letter will be signed by the Registrar only.  This was effective from the 1st of April 2012.

13 July 2012
Introduction of the Administration Fee for Delayed Payments of Annual Fees and the Reduction of the Suspension Period

Council approved the introduction of the flat administrative fee of R900-00 with effect from January 2013, introduction of a grace period of one month before the administration fee kicks in after the prescribed payment period of 90 days/3 months has elapsed, reduction of the suspension period from 18 months to 6 months and the 3 additional measures:  
  •  Issue through e-mail communication a certificate that will be inscribed in red with the word "suspended”.
  • Publish on the website the names of those registered persons who are in good standing.
  • Certificates to be issued should have a validity period.

30 November 2012
            Replacement of Professional Certificate

Council approved to change the registration certificates for professionals so as to tie it to the CPD cycle of registration. The new certificates will have expiry dates, which will be five (5) years from the date of issue. They will also have enhanced security features to minimize duplication and theft of the certificates. The security features will not be disclosed.

44.4 (i)
29 November 2013
Treatment of De-Registered Persons Wishing to Reactivate/Reinstate their Registration Council re-visited their earlier

Council resolution of the 21st of June 2013 and agreed on the following new measures to apply:
  1. Paying upfront arrears of fees that were owed during the period of cancellation of registration plus a 30% penalty as allowed for in section 22(3)(d) of Act No.48 of 2000.
  2. Providing a comprehensive report presenting succinct details of the work    engaged in during the period you were deregistered where considered appropriate by Council.
  3. Undergo an interview which will only be convened upon payment of the prevailing interview fee.  Outcome of the interview would determine whether the deregistered person has the required competencies to warrant his/her being re-instated or alternatively deferral to candidate status.
  4. Payment of the annual and registration fee arising from the outcome of (3) above for the year that the registration is being re-instated.

14 March 2014
              Amendment Retired Persons Annual Fee

In order to improve the possible retention of registered professionals who have since retired, Council agreed to the amendment of the 20th of June 2009 resolution by now introducing the following measures:
  1. The discount of the annual fee for retired persons be increased from 30% to 60%. This would mean that the current annual fee of R2662-00 for registered persons when discounted for retired persons would be R1, 065-00 and that this fee be with effect from the 1st of April, 2014.
  2. That the fee of R1065-00 be a fixed fee up to the end of the 2015/2016 financial year.
  3. Those who have paid the current reduced fee of R1,708-00 be refunded the difference from the recommended fee of i.e. R643-00.
Amendment to Resolution NO.

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